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The Hillsboro School District is the fourth-largest public school district in the state of Oregon. We have a skilled, caring, and dedicated staff who are committed to supporting each student’s academic and personal growth in a safe and inclusive environment. In addition, the district is committed to equity by recognizing and eliminating institutional barriers to create access and opportunities that benefit each student. 

We strive to:

Create an inclusive environment that welcomes and values the diversity of our staff and students, foster fairness, equity, and inclusion to create a workplace environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every one of the qualifications as described in the job description. We are most interested in finding the best candidate for the job. If you are unsure whether you meet the minimum qualifications to apply for this position, please contact Human Resources to discuss your application.

CURRENT HSD EMPLOYEES: Please sign in with your initial application username and password on the top left side of this page, please note this is not your HSD credentials.

NEW APPLICANTS: To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below by clicking "Apply". After completing your application, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved, allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications. Please be sure to save your username and password for use on future applications.

Application Assistance: Click this link for LIVE CHAT SUPPORT or by calling 1877-974-7437.

For questions or more information, please call the Applications office at (503) 844-1546.

It is the policy of the Hillsboro Board of Directors and School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment. If you have questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination please contact the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Administration Center, (503) 844-1500

Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
L1666SY2223 - Speech Language Pathologist - (0.5 FTE) - Student Services Department - Temporary09/26/2022Teacher/LicensedSTUDENT SERVICESApply
C1547SY2223 - Reposted - Education Liaison - BTP Connector (8 Hours) - Office For School Performance - Temporary09/26/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)OFFICE FOR SCHOOL PERFORMANCEApply
C1669SY2223 - Special Education Assistant ( 7 Hours) - Hillsboro High School - Temporary09/23/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)HILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1656SY2223 - Custodian Day/Night - (8 Hours) - Indian Hills Elementary09/23/2022Maintenance/CustodialINDIAN HILLS ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C1658SY2223 - Special Education Assistant - (6.5 Hours) - Quatama Elementary School09/23/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)QUATAMA ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C1634SY2223 - Special Education Assistant - (6 Hours) - Rosedale Elementary- Temporary - 2 Positions Available09/22/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)ROSEDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLApply
C1633SY2223 Special Education Assistant (1.25 Hours) - Educational Assistant (2.75 Hours) - Tobias Elementary School - Temporary09/22/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)L.C. TOBIAS ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C1524SY2223 - Reposted & Revised - Graduation Coach - (8 Hours) - Hillsboro High School09/22/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)HILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOLApply
L958SY2223 - Reposted - English Learner (EL) Specialist - 1.0 FTE - Hillsboro High School - Temporary09/22/2022Teacher/LicensedHILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOLApply
L783SY2223 - Revised & Reposted - Secondary Resource Specialist - 1.0 FTE - Oak Street Campus - Temporary09/22/2022Teacher/LicensedMiller Education CenterApply
C1630SY2223 - Special Education Assistant - (6 Hours) - Indian Hills Elementary09/21/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)INDIAN HILLS ELEM. SCHOOLApply
E727SY2223 - Reposted - Varsity Head Softball Coach - Liberty High School09/20/2022Extra Curricular/CoachLIBERTY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1612SY2223 - Educational Assistant - (7 Hours) - Century High School09/16/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)CENTURY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1584SY2223 - Department Administration Support 3 - (8 Hours) - Office for School Performance09/16/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)OFFICE FOR SCHOOL PERFORMANCEApply
C1337SY2223 - Reposted - Special Education Assistant (4.5 Hours) - Educational Assistant (1.5 Hours) - Free Orchards Elementary School09/16/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)FREE ORCHARDS ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C1583SY2223 - Data Technician - (8 Hours) - Office for School Performance09/15/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)OFFICE FOR SCHOOL PERFORMANCEApply
C1582SY2223 - Department Administration Support 3 - (8 Hours) - Office for School Performance - Temporary09/15/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)OFFICE FOR SCHOOL PERFORMANCEApply
C1564SY2223 - Revised - Custodian Day/Night - (8 Hours) - Boys & Girls Club/Hillsboro Online Academy09/14/2022Maintenance/CustodialMultiple LocationsApply
C1425SY2223 - Reposted - Special Education Assistant (6 Hours) - Brown Middle School09/14/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)R.A. BROWN MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C168SY2223 - Reposted - Family Outreach Liaison (4 Hours) - Reedville Elementary09/14/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)REEDVILLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C730SY2223 - Reposted - Special Education Assistant (4 Hours) - Glencoe High School09/13/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)GLENCOE HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1266SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Custodian Day/Night - (6 Hours) - Reedville Elementary09/12/2022Maintenance/CustodialREEDVILLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C1263SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Assistant Cook (3.75 Hours) - Tobias Elementary School09/12/2022Nutrition ServicesNUTRITION SERVICESApply
C1226SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Custodian Day/Night - (4 Hours) - Oak Street Campus09/12/2022Maintenance/CustodialOAK STREET CAMPUSApply
C1120SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Custodian Day/Night - (8 Hours) - Century High School09/12/2022Maintenance/CustodialCENTURY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1037SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Custodian Day/Night - (8 Hours) - Hillsboro High School09/12/2022Maintenance/CustodialHILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOLApply
C346SY2223 - Reposted - Kitchen Helper (3.75 Hours) - Liberty High School09/12/2022Nutrition ServicesNUTRITION SERVICESApply
C343SY2223 - Revised & Reposted - Kitchen Helper (3.75 Hours) - Glencoe High School09/09/2022Nutrition ServicesNUTRITION SERVICESApply
C344SY2223 - Revised & Reposted - Kitchen Helper - (3.75 Hours) - Hillsboro High School - 4 Positions Available09/09/2022Nutrition ServicesNUTRITION SERVICESApply
C959SY2223 - Reposted - Family Outreach Liaison (4 Hours) - Administrative Support 1 (3 Hours) - Century High School09/08/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)CENTURY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1162SY2223 - Reposted - Educational Assistant (7.5 Hours) - Glencoe High School09/06/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)GLENCOE HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1023SY2223 - Reposted - Educational Assistant (6.25Hours) - Poynter Middle School09/01/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)J.W. POYNTER MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
HR use only09/01/2022Teacher/LicensedMultiple LocationsApply
Supplemental Positions - No Coaches / Advisors - Do not apply unless instructed to do so09/01/2022Supplemental PositionsMultiple LocationsApply
Coach/Advisor Application - Do not apply unless instructed to do so09/01/2022Extra Curricular/CoachMultiple LocationsApply
C1145SY2223 - Reposted - Special Education Assistant - (7 Hours) - Student Services08/30/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)STUDENT SERVICESApply
C943SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Custodian Day/Night - (8 Hours) - Liberty High School08/19/2022Maintenance/CustodialLIBERTY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C440SY2223 - Revised - Bus Driver (7 Hours) - Transportation Department - 20 Positions Available08/19/2022Transportation ServicesTRANSPORTATIONApply
C693SY2223 - Reposted - Education Liaison (8 Hours) - Lenox Elementary School - Temporary08/16/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)LENOX ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C454SY2223 - Reposted - Special Education Assistant - (7 Hours) - Student Services - 3 Positions Available08/16/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)STUDENT SERVICESApply
C212SY2223 - Revised & Reposted - Education Assistant (6 Hours) - Lincoln Street Elementary08/16/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)LINCOLN STREET ELEM. SCHOOLApply
E1195SY2223 - Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach - Hillsboro High School08/15/2022Extra Curricular/CoachHILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOLApply
C1118SY2223 - Reposted - Family Outreach Liaison - (7 Hours) - Indian Hills Elementary School - Imlay Elementary School08/15/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)Multiple LocationsApply
E1131SY2223 - Varsity Head Boys Tennis Coach - Liberty High School08/11/2022Extra Curricular/CoachLIBERTY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C663SY2223 - Reposted - Family Outreach Liaison - (8 Hours) - Liberty High School - Temporary08/09/2022Classified (Instructional, Non-Instructional, Clerical)LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C506SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Custodial Night Lead- (8 Hours) - Liberty High School08/09/2022Maintenance/CustodialLIBERTY HIGH SCHOOLApply
E708SY2223 - Reposted - Head Softball Coach - Hillsboro High School08/08/2022Extra Curricular/CoachHILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOLApply
C722SY2223 - Revised - Maintenance 4 - (8 Hours) - Facilities and Maintenance08/05/2022Maintenance/CustodialFACILITIES & MAINTENANCEApply
C720SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Groundskeeper 1 - (8 Hours) - Transportation and Support Services Facility - 2 Positions Available08/05/2022Maintenance/CustodialFACILITIES & MAINTENANCEApply
C719SY2223 - Revised and Reposted - Groundskeeper 1 (8 Hours) - Facilities and Maintenance - 3 Positions Available08/05/2022Maintenance/CustodialFACILITIES & MAINTENANCEApply